Sexual Offences

We understand the strain put upon individuals when defending allegations of a sexual nature and will assist to alleviate and make bearable the possible obstructions to daily life. Allegations of a sexual nature can have a serious impact on an individual and those around them. They can affect relationships with spouses / partners, children, colleagues and the wider public notwithstanding the potential damage to reputation, employment and employment opportunities.

We have considerable experience in managing the above situations and assisting our clients through what can be a very traumatic time in their lives. We can successfully defend such allegations and can provide comprehensive advice and guidance. We can advise you to handle Internal Compliance Committee and POSH Committee, further we can represent you at the police station stage up to trial and ensure that your position is protected throughout.

Whether the offence is relatively minor or whether it is serious and complex, facing prosecution is a stressful, worrying and confusing time. We aim to provide practical advice and representation to defend your best interests.

If charged, we provide advice and assistance during the proceedings in the Magistrate Court.