Legal Advice for Employees

We provide expert legal advice to our clients on all aspects of Employment. Whether you have been offered a Settlement Agreement, have been experiencing harassment or bullying in your workplace, or need advice on post-termination restrictions because you intend to move to a competitor or set up on your own, we can help.

We offer practical legal advice for Employees on a wide range of issues, including Disciplinary and Grievance Proceedings, Redundancy, Unfair Dismissal, Discrimination and Contractual Disputes, Sexual Harassment Complaints and proceedings of ICC.

We advise clients ranging from senior executives to workers. Our team has helped many clients to achieve a satisfactory outcome of their issues by providing realistic, practical and well-informed advice.

Our expert Employment solicitors advise clients on a wide range of Employment Law matters, including:

- Settlement Agreements
- Disciplinary Procedures
- Unfair Dismissal
- Grievance and Discrimination Claims
- Sexual Harassment at Work Place
- Disciplinary Procedures for Sexual Harassment at Work Place
- Contractual Disputes
- Post-Termination Restrictions
- Litigation advice, including representing individuals in Labour Court, Tribunals and Civil Courts.