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IT and Cyber Crime Lawyer in Bangalore


What do you understand about Cyber Crime laws?


Cybercrime law establishes standards of acceptable behaviour for users of information and communication technology (ICT); protects ICT users in general; mitigates and/or prevents harm to people, data, systems, services, and infrastructure in general; protects all human rights; and ensures that crimes committed online (outside of traditional law enforcement) are investigated and prosecuted..For the best IT and Cyber crime lawyer in Bangalore, you must contact George advocates.


Cybercrime law establishes rules of conduct and standards of behaviour for the use of the Internet, computers, and related digital technologies, as well as public, government, and private institutions’ actions, as well as rules of evidence and criminal procedure, and other criminal justice issues in cyberspace.; and regulations to reduce risk and/or mitigate the harm caused to individuals, organizations, and infrastructure in the event of a cybercrime. As a result, cybercrime legislation is classified into three types: substantive, procedural, and preventive.

Simply by selecting the city and subject of expertise from the drop-down menus below, you will be directed to a list of subject expert advocates. George advocates has categorised and listed numerous criminal lawyers in Bangalore based on their location, specialisation, and experience. It may assist you in locating a good criminal lawyer in Bangalore for any legal matter. However, for final decisions, we always recommend that you consult with a lawyer in person.Cyber crime  Lawyers in Bangalore is a one-stop shop for legal advice and support on technology law, patents, trademarks, cyber law, media law, information technology act, drafting software licence agreements, IP assignment contracts, cyber crime investigation, 64B evidence affidavit, data protection, GDPR, HIPAA Compliance, privacy protection, privacy policy, e-commerce legal compliance, international taxation, commercial contracts, email evidence, WTO evidence, WTO evidence, WTO. George advocates as one of the best IT and cyber crime advocates in Bangalore.

it and cyber crime lawyers in Bangalore

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